Welcome to EvBoo, the leading Event Management and Booking System for Scouts and Girlguiding

EvBoo is an Event Management and Event Booking software solution, that has been designed to allow Scout and Girlguiding Groups, Districts, Counties and Areas manage the administration, registration and finances for events. EvBoo is suitable for a range of events from a small Scout district backpacking weekend to a large county Scout and Guide activity camp. Event admin is simplified by EvBoo allowing you to focus on planning the event. The EvBoo Event Management and Booking software provides a central portal for all event communications. All the required information for registering groups, participants and staff / service teams is easily gathered by EvBoo. It can gather and manage payments, medical, permission and travel documents and now supports processing credit card payments.

Current Registrations Report from EvBoo
The Current Registrations Report from EvBoo

Feature Packed

EvBoo has been in use for over 20 years and is being continually developed based on requests from our customers. The EvBoo team are actively involved in running events for Scout and Girl Guides in the UK and therefore have experience in what features help event organisers. Take a look at all the amazing features and take the hassle out of the administration of your event.

Unrivalled Knowledge

The software solution has been developed over a number of years and used at events run by Surrey Scouts and many others across the UK. We’ve supported events with over 8000 attendees with over £1 million of financial transactions right down to small events with less than 100 attendees. If you are running a Scout or Girlguiding Event and are interested in using the system please get in touch. Alternatively, other organisations that believe they may have a use for the system should also get in contact.

Manage Participants and Volunteer Staff

EvBoo Event Management and Booking software makes running events simple by providing a profession solution that accepts registrations and bookings from Scout and Girlguiding Groups and Individuals, including staff.

Manage Payments and Receipts – even take payments by card if required

EvBoo gathers the information you need from attendees including medical, dietary and activity consent. It also allows simple management of payments either via bank transfer or using the built in credit card payment processing. EvBoo can also be integrated with Online Scout Manager (OSM) reducing the admin burden on Scout and Guide Leaders too.

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