Linking a registration with Online Scout Manager (OSM) / Online Guide Manager (OGM)


EvBoo allows Event Registrations to be linked with your Online Scout Manager (OSM) or Online Guide Manager account. OSM / OGM providers leaders with the ability to do all the administration of their Scout or Guide unit in one simple, secure, system.

OSM / OGM have different subscription levels, included as part of these is the ability to allow parents to sign their young people (your members) up for an Event. These events are stored in the Your Event section within Programme.

Using the Development Tools features provided by OSM / OGM, EvBoo can create a connection with your Event and then automatically add (or remove) members into your EvBoo Registration. Once set-up EvBoo will query OSM / OGM every evening and reflect any changes to the attendance within your event.

Linking with OSM or OGM

Firstly, ensure you have created an event within OSM / OGM. Events can be found in the Programme section of OSM/OGM. The event should have the correct date and be located in the correct section for your EvBoo registration.

Now log into OSM and expand the Settings section of the menu. This will be just above the bottom of the left-hand section (expand if necessary).

Now select My Account Details and finally click on Developer. This will open a settings screen showing any existing Applications. Normally you’ll want to create a new Application to link with EvBoo. If you already have EvBoo as an application, see the information below.

Click Create Application and enter EvBoo as the Application Name, if required you can also add the name of the event (e.g. EvBoo – Howler) and then click Save.

OSM / OGM will now present you with two codes, one called the OAuth Client ID and the other the OAuth Secret. Make sure you make a note of these (you can select the test and copy it into Notepad or Word etc). You must note these now because they are not available again.

When linking EvBoo to OSM, you’ll be asked for these two codes, enter them when requested. However before doing that, click Close to return to the My Applications screen.

Before linking with EvBoo, you must specify a Redirect URL that OSM/OGM will accept. Without entering this exactly as detailed within EvBoo, the link will not work. In the first page of the Link to OSM/OGM in EvBoo, go and find the Redirect URL and enter it into the new Application by clicking on the application name you just created. OSM/OGM will allow for up to five, you’ll just need to add the one provided. If you are attending other EvBoo events, you may need to add this new Redirect URL to the list and click Save.

Now you can continue to link with EvBoo, entering the OAuth Client ID and OAuth Secret when requested.

Already Linked to EvBoo

If you already have EvBoo as an Application and you have noted the OAuth Client ID and OAuth Secret there is no need to create a new application. Instead just add a new Redirect URL as detailed above. If you’ve not got your OAuth Client ID and OAuth Secret then we suggest you create a new Application. If the old application is not in use, it can be removed.