Configuring Stripe Payments

EvBoo now provides the ability for Credit Card Payments to be received from both Participants and Staff / Service Team members.

In order to use Stripe, the first step is for the Event to obtain an account from Stripe. Head over to and create your account.

Once this is completed, the Event Administrator will need to login to your EvBoo Event and from the Top Menu, Select Configure. Then select the Attendance Costs section from the left hand side.

Towards the bottom of this section, you will find the Stripe Configuration settings which will look similar to the image below.

Now you’ll need to enter your two api keys. As shown in the image above, these can be found in the Stripe Dashboard using the following link – Stripe provides API keys for live and for test. It is obviously possible to use the test API keys to perform some initial testing. However in order for this to operate for real, the Live API keys must be used. If you do perform some tests, do get in touch with us to have them removed from the system.

Having entered both API keys, click the Save Changes button on the left hand side. Now, navigate back to the Attendance Costs section from the left hand side and you will notice two new buttons have appeared under the Secret Key field as shown below.

If this is the first time, you should click Create Webhooks and when that has completed, navigate back to the Attendance Costs section and you should expect to see the Webhook Secret field has been hidden.

To confirm that the configuration is now complete, click the Check Stripe Configuration button and view the result by navigating back to the Attendance Costs. The note Stripe Webhooks are correctly configured should now be displayed.

Finally, you can now select your required configuration from the available choices. These include

  • Enabling whether Individual Participants or Staff / Service Teams can pay via Stripe, or both.
  • Enable whether individuals receive their emailed payment receipt.
  • Enable Stripe payments for Participant or Service Team Registrations.

You should ensure your Publishable and Secret API Keys are kept strictly confidential. Therefore you must add these directly into EvBoo and you should not email these keys as email is not secure. We shall never ask you to email us this information.

However, once you have saved both these keys into EvBoo, we can assist you with your required configuration.