Domain Configuration

If you wish to use EvBoo to manage your event and use your own domain name, it is essential that the domain is configured properly. To do this there are fundamentally two things that are required.

Firstly, configure email and then configure the web site address.

In order to configure email, you will need to select an email address that will be used to manage your event. This email has two purposes, firstly it should be the email address used by attendees, activities providers and any other interested parties to get in contact with the Event. This email address is often managed by more than one person, so it is often good to use a shared mailbox which allows more than one person view and respond to emails. Typically these emails are managed by your Administration Team or Communications Team depending on how you have split your workload.

In order to gain a consistent image, the EvBoo system will also send emails using this email address. This means is important as it allows your users to be able to reply to the address and for that to be picked up by your team.

The process you’ll need to go through to configure this email will be dependent on your Email Service Provider. However one thing you will have to do is configure the email domain to allow EvBoo to send email and not be rejected as SPAM. Details of this process can be found in the Email Configuration page.

Secondly you will want the EvBoo booking system to also be personalised to your event and have your domain name. In most cases the domain name used for the EvBoo booking system is from the same domain as the email address mentioned earlier. The web site address or URL used to provide your booking system will need to be unique (i.e. different from any existing website you host). We typically use the name “bookings”, but you can actually have any name you wish. This name is then prepended to your domain name to create the web site address. Assuming you are using the name bookings, you will need to ensure a CNAME record is added to your domain. The process for how to do this will depend on your domain name service provide (we suggest you search for “adding a CNAME entry ” followed by your domain host). This CNAME entry should then point to our application server as shown below.


bookings       CNAME

Please note : it is very important that a full stop (dot) is placed at the end of the final URL. This signifies to the domain name system that the address is fully qualified and unambiguous. Without the final full stop or dot, the domain name system may add your domain name to the end of the CNAME, which then would not work.

If you have any issues configuring your domain, please get do get in contact with us and we’ll be happy to assist you.

Need a new Domain?

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