EvBoo – Online Event Management System

EvBoo is an Online Event Management and Event Booking System designed specifically for managing Scout or Girlguiding Events. EvBoo simplifies the event management, booking and administration for event organisers and provides a central portal for all event communications.

What is an Event?
An Event is a thing that happens or takes place. In Scouts and Guides, there are always plenty of things happening! These are typically adventurous activities such as hiking, climbing or sailing. In EvBoo, an Event is the term given to an activity that is being run. However some Events might include many Activities (e.g. Activity Camps). The EvBoo software is very flexible in terms of what Events or Activities it can be used for. Click here for a list of possible events.

Who is EvBoo for?
EvBoo is aimed at events that offered to Scouts or Girl Guides from multiple different groups. These are typically run by a District, Division, County or larger area. EvBoo allows for Group Leaders to register their group to attend and provide the event organisers with all the information they need. EvBoo was originally designed to provide Online Registration for a County Weekend Activity Camp for Scouts and Guides in Surrey. This event boasts attendance from 3500 young people, 1500 leaders and supporters coming from over 200 individual groups.

Whilst EvBoo is great for these big events, it is also perfect for smaller district events too supporting smaller Events such as local backpacking expeditions. EvBoo can link with Online Scout Manager (OSM) and Online Guide Manager to create a streamlined registration process for users of these systems.

Take a look at the list of Events that EvBoo can be used for.

What can EvBoo do?
EvBoo is a web based software solution that provides online registration for individuals or groups wishing to attend an event. Over several years the system has expanded to manage a number of other administration challenges to reducing the work load on the organising committee, managing all attendance and finances electronically whilst ensuring the committee and supporting adults have instant access to information.

At the Event, the system will allow for changes to attendees (if allowed) and can record the arrival and departure of all attendees and leaders, so that you know who is at the Event every second of the day. The system can also manage permission forms and medical forms allowing onsite first aid team access to key information as needed within seconds.

See more details about EvBoo’s features.

How can I get EvBoo?
If you have an Event you’d like to manage with EvBoo, please get in contact with us to discuss it. We’d love to be able to help out.


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