I have not received an email for my permission / health form

Each permission / health form is unique and is linked to an individual participant. Therefore it is essential you receive the personalised link for the participant. If you have not received an email and you are expecting one we suggest you try the following …

  1. Check your email box thoroughly, including any SPAM or Junk Folders. If you find one there, please ensure you mark it as being safe.
  2. Email your participants leader to inform them you have not received the link. This will then help them to ensure they have used the correct email address.
  3. Ask the leader to keep trying. Some service providers, in particular Hotmail / Outlook.com etc seem to class the message as SPAM, however a second or third attempt often is successful.
  4. Try another email address (send the the leader and then forward on for example).

If all else fails, please contact your Event Admin Team.